The Above Ground structure explores the concept of Consumerism, and the unbalanced nature of its values and beliefs. The building represents a scale of seesaw, where on one side is tilted due to the large structure that has weighted the seesaw down. This large structure is symbolic of the consumerism; its mass production and over consumption whihc has left our lives: what the seesaw symbolizes. An open window lies open on the other end looking into the sky; a natural life, which people have turned away from but ultimately greater (notice use of gold in stairs).

The approach here was to reflect the minimalist style of Gasgoigne's own work. Her work is quite simplistic and patterned. Using the word minimal the building reflects different forms of minimalism. Minimalist design, and use of space; minimal space in itself (pathways) and minimal light used in the lower area. The Spherical staircase acts to impose the minimalist feel; as it is dark open out into a large space and appears chaotic. It also acts as the fulcrum point of the above ground.

Wires represent chaotic nature of consumerism, where stairs compliment this in their disjointed form.

PLAN of Datum

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