INTERNAL - Jacques Cousteau



Room # 1
Room # 2

looking down at undiscovered rooms

Room #3

Room #4 (below)

Above View
images with "Undiscovered" rooms
Off Room#5

Idea of this building: relates to Discovery; and Cousteau as an explorer, attempting to uncover information about nature and underwater life. WE follow a path through the building of discovery. The use of windows is symbolic of the discovery. The first room is open, lots of windows looking out (completely discovered) the 2nd mostly uncovered, the 3rd partly; the 4th and 5th almost no discovery but in process of being uncovered. The 5th looks out to the outside, whihc shows the destination of discovery....where with learning the sky is the limit. Below these labs, there are unreachable rooms; but they have doors and windows in them; representing the idea that they are inviting exploration; that there is more to discover; such is the nature of the marine ecosystem. You could imagine this laboratory as in process of being built; where with each new discovery and things being uncovered; so is the outside revealed further in each building, and this may lead further down the path of knowledge and thus to new buildings.

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