The Obama Office Space, is designed in accordance to the principlces and values that the 44th President of America, Barack Obama, portrays or atleast seems to portray. The major structure sits below with large supports stretching from below and holding up the central meeting point. These 'arms', are meant to symbolies the position of power a president has; that of supporting and governing people. The architecture uses many rooms and elements within. The President would not work alone, and would have many guests, and people helping him, thus a large area would be required. An open area, acts as the transition point/ and foyer, between entrance and the actual office. A social area, with seats; it tackles the social humanism of Barack Obama. A conference room with a balcony, and an area where files and documents would be held, by watch of a secretary, this building leads to actual office room. This then diverges to a library, and outdoor area, and a daycare center; which explores the president as family man.

The shapes are symbolic, the library; frmo above an open book, the office: an eagle from above (Patriotic Amercian symbol), and a lion from outside the windows (symbol of a king), Day care, is curved and soft and pink; calmness, playful, friendly. From the side, it is seen that the structures build up, to the last office; syymbollic of GROWTH. Finally the rnigs in centre; represnt almost atomic nature; changing and moving; representing science and technology; things Obama says he wishes to progress with. Emphasis is placed on the above section as it is here that the building would be viewed.

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