MEETING POINT and TABLE and Elevators

Obamas elevator is in the shape of a hand. Symbolises control/ the grasping notion, and also protection. Obama, being a extremely important individual needs constant protection; and the hand has often been used as a symbol of this: child holding mothers hand as they cross the street/ the handshake used to gesture no harm.
Meeting point is connection of the two clients. Obamas space,points out liek an arrow; showing he is trying to lead people in a direction; towards his "change", while Prada's space is simple; she is not trying to create a change or control, and she keeps very much to herself.
The Meeting Table is unususable; it rotates and moves and acts as a symbol of the state of power. Power can be used for many things: for good; for the bad; and the table explores this idea. Each side represents a different thing. ONe side: unity, and how those in power can unify people. Another side is 'Distruction'; how those in power can use it to cuase pain and anguish; and teh final a standard rectangular table: the idea of power there for stability/ democracy; and it also comes to represent the common people.

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