The Office of Miuccia Prada is inspired by fashion. The power of fashion is the ability it has to change the perception of people. Fashion and clothing represents a class and image to people; it creates facades. It is the covering of what is inside. THus my design is a simple layered building; however covered by with large cloud liek structure. I play with the idea of building being up in the sky; by makign it cloud-like; however the cloud symbol is also there to symbolise the lightweightedness and simplicity of many of Prada's designs; but also symbolise the fragility that is the fashion industry. Although one can be 'large' and 'dominant'; they can still be fragile in their careers, due to reviews and one time mistakes. The skeleton like nature of cloud; represents the changing styles.(Initially, they were indivually meant to move/or have different colours to more clearlty represent this.) Colours represents those in fashion;

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